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3d天天彩报22 october 2019

Infrared Propane (R290) Refrigerant Gas Leak detection

If your application requires a long term, robust solution for the detection of R290 refrigerant leakage or Propane leak detection. Then SGX Sensortech would always recommend infrared gas detection technology. Infra-red sensors are extremely robust to environmental contamination and mechanically strong.  Especially in difficult applications where there are repeatable poisons and wet conditions, catalytic sensors and Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensors are not compatible. In some applications infrared sensors can develop condensation inside the optical cavity when powered down, then when re-powered the condensation can put the infrared sensor into a latched false alarm state. The choice of gas sensor technology utilised has often depended on a compromise between cost and reliability.

sgx inir infrared sensors are designed to offer excellent reliability even within wet condensation applications like refrigeration plants.

The INIR infrared sensor range from SGX Sensortech3d天天彩报 provides instrument manufacturers and instrument users with not only a full linearized, temperature compensated output but also with additional condensation compensation. The hardware and firmware within the sensor detect the occurrence of condensation and reduce power up false alarms within wet applications and at the same time allowing trouble free gas detection within the wet application.  Why would you compromise and accept a lower performing infrared gas sensor, choose SGX INIR infrared gas sensors.


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