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Automotive/Indoor Air Quality

concern continues to increase about the quality of the air that we breathe and how this can be measured reliably.

sgx sensortech is at the forefront of suppliers’ deliverance of high quality sensors and sensing modules that enable the fast measurement needed to respond to the quality of air in real time.

3d天天彩报we have a significant presence in the automotive market where our sensing modules are an integral part of advanced air conditioning systems; detecting pollution events around vehicles and closing ventilation intakes to protect drivers from bad smells, exhaust fumes and environmental pollution.

3d天天彩报moreover, our sensing systems can be used to monitor the quality of air inside a vehicle and providing early warning of deteriorating conditions – this leads to a more pleasant driving experience as well as forestalling driver drowsiness.

3d天天彩报more recently, our air quality modules are finding use in air purification devices, allowing instant feedback to the filtration process.

our sensors are also integrated as part of next generation domestic and commercial building management systems, integrating seamlessly with air conditioning equipment and providing detailed information about the quality of air in homes and offices and room occupancy.

as a result, we are facilitating demand control ventilation equipment which heats/cools/conditions air only when required, thus driving down energy costs.

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