3d黑彩中直选多少钱Air Quality products for Petrochemical | SGX Sensortech



3d天天彩报many of the everyday materials around us such as rubbers, plastics, resins, dyes and fertilisers are manufactured from the derivatives of oil and gas.

3d天天彩报the manufacturing process takes place at petrochemical plants which may present a number of gas hazards to the worker; there is a risk of explosion from flammable gases, and often toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide are encountered at toxic levels.

the use of fixed and portable gas detection is mandated as a means to keep workers safe.

3d天天彩报sgx sensortech product a range of gas sensors suitable for the use in the petrochemical industry, where reliability, accuracy, speed of response and long working lifetimes are of critical importance.


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