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Automotive Air Quality Sensors

our air quality sensors (aqs) feature an intelligent sensor and signal analysis system that calculates external pollution levels and prevents polluted air and toxic gases from entering a car’s cabin.

from petrol and diesel engine fumes to industrial and agricultural odours, our sensors lead the market when it comes to safeguarding drivers’ health, improving energy efficiency and enhancing vehicle safety. as a trusted oem supplier we have provided millions of devices to the automotive industry, with customers including leading oems such as gm, volkswagen, bmw, citroën, ford, mercedes, renault and volvo.


3d天天彩报our cost-effective aqs modules:

3d天天彩报aqs micro double sensor (co/hc, no2)

aqs pwm double sensor (co/hc, no2)

aqs lin double sensor (co/hc, no2)

aqs triple sensor module (co/hc, no2, nh3)

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